Code of Conduct


Parkwind’s Code of Conduct demonstrates the belief of the Parkwind Group in strong business ethics

and integrity, fully in line with the core values it aims to share with its shareholders and interested


As a member of the Parkwind Group, we at Parkwind Ost commit in the same manner to conduct our

business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and undertake our activities with the

highest standards on quality, health, safety and the environment. Our project contributes to a more

sustainable world and we want to develop and operate it with respect for all its stakeholders, adhering

to the best possible environmental, social and governance criteria.

This Code of Conduct provides the reader with guiding principles on good conduct. Please refer to this

document regularly, so that it tends to become a guide on how one conduct business as part of the

Parkwind Group and Parkwind Ost on a daily basis. Remember that your actions reflect on our

company and define how we are perceived in the market.

On behalf of Parkwind Ost GmbH we fully adhere to this Code of Conduct and we will promote it

amongst all contributors to the Arcadis Ost 1 project. Where required by the specifications of the

project and its engagement with stakeholders, additional guidance will be given and complementary

measures may be implemented. We refer to our webpage for further detail and

for our contact details regarding the Arcadis Ost 1 project and Parkwind Ost.

The full document can be downloaded here: Parkwind Ost GmbH Code of Conduct